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Whether you need a sanitary pipeline installed along the shoreline or a piling inspection of your marine terminal, Underwater Resources, Inc. in San Leandro, California can help you out. We provide marine construction and commercial diving services to clients in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, throughout California, Nevada, and beyond.

Who We Are?

We are a trusted partner of utility companies, general contractors, engineers, and other service providers who maintain our private and public-owned infrastructure. Our team is composed of talented professionals, estimators and technicians experienced and who understand service.

Underwater Resources, Inc

Our Services

Underwater Resources, Inc

Marine Construction

We perform offshore, coastal, and inland construction and conduct shallow and deep-water diving projects in, on and around water and other liquid mediums. Projects are performed for government agencies, private and commercial operators along waterways, within industrial plant facilities, and on dams. Our team has the expertise to safely perform services upon active UW structures even under extreme site and operational conditions.

Inspection Services

We conduct underwater inspections using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), sonar imaging, other remote instruments, and with divers. Whether it is for maintenance or construction purposes, our skilled inspection divers and technicians are highly capable of meeting any specific underwater structure assessment needs. We also conduct geophysical, oceanographic, and bathymetry surveys and perform non-destructive (NDT) and destructive materials testing when more detailed surveys and investigations are required.

Underwater Resources, Inc


Our industry experts have well over 200 years of combined field experience in commercial diving and heavy marine construction. Our consulting services include constructability reviews, project planning, and estimating.


Our offshore, coastal, and inland marine inspection, consulting, and repair projects have been performed along both East and West US coastlines, throughout all Western States and Alaska, Canada and Mexico, several Pacific Rim Island countries, South Korea, Central and South America.

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Are you looking for reading resources to enhance your knowledge about marine construction? Maybe we can help! Check out our list of useful references and clientele list today.

Underwater Resources, Inc

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