Consulting Services

Providing Marine Construction & Commercial Diving

Our in-house managers and consultants have extensive experience working on small and large marine construction and commercial diving projects from around the world. We promote project understanding by maintaining good communication between our clients and managers.  We also draw upon the extraordinary in-depth expertise of our network of associates and consultant partners to facilitate ongoing success.

URI can provide QA/QC field inspection and consultancy for projects with Engineers, General Contractors, Private and Public Works Agencies and Project Owners and are able to perform the following services:

  • Preliminary project understanding and organization; identify means & methods options for condition assessments, repairs & construction.
  • Establish, define, and review Project Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).
  • Review project safety protocol to satisfy Regulatory Agency concerns with contractors, vendors, and other operations; identify Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), recommend, and implement safety improvements.
  • Constructability review of contractor work plans, technical report writing for submittals, Value Added Engineering (VAE) proposals and review of contractor proposed non-conforming operations.
  • Identify and oversee subcontractors, 3rd party consultants, scientists, and other specialty vendors who may provide support for difficult project tasks and conduct contract change investigations.
  • Project cost estimating, review of project materials, lists and take-off quantities; define Schedule of Values (SOV) and invoice review.
  • Provide onsite field inspection personnel and technicians required to monitor diving, marine construction and remote inspection activities.

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