Inspection Services

Construction inspection monitoring, geophysical surveys and both destructive and nondestructive testing of materials require specialized training of personnel, selection and application of sophisticated equipment, and the utilization of certified technicians and inspection divers. Inspection services we provide include:

  • Stand-alone sonar imaging & profiling surveys of sanitary outfall pipeline diffuser ports and at locations with restricted access.
  • Submerged & buried pipeline and cable tracking and locating utilizing Radio detection (utility locator), marine magnetometer, sub bottom profile/bubble pulse and DGPS tracking and navigation systems.
  • Sidescan sonar and bathymetric bottom profile and contour surveys for locating objects, identifying/documenting bottom features and search and recovery in lakes & rivers, estuaries and bays, coastal and offshore locations.
  • Inspection ServicesStructural condition surveys using nondestructive testing (NDT) of above and UW metal, concrete and wooden structures with low-light/high resolution video documentation, ultrasonic (UT) thickness gauging and shear-wave examination, magnetic particle inspection (MT) and other acoustic sensing and ultraviolet lighting techniques.
  • Coring, boring/probing, oxy-arc cutting and destructive testing of concrete, steel and wooden materials collected by divers for laboratory analysis including chloride intrusion, compression and tensile strength/limits.
  • Current velocity and multibeam sonar bottom surveys, utilize Total Station survey instruments for “as-built” documentation of marine dock substructure piling, integration of ultra short baseline positioning with DGPS survey systems to create 3D mapping.
  • Deployment and recovery of oceanographic instruments with data loggers to record current and pressure, water quality, temperature and other sample data from culverts, outfalls, submerged structures and at open seabed locations.
  • Third party construction inspection during critical component stages requiring QC/QA of Owner’s contracted work for extensive or complex underwater repairs, new pipeline construction, field monitoring of marine construction materials, etc.


Having owned and operated multiple “inspection class” remotely operated vehicle systems since 1984, we have the technical expertise to integrate sonar, navigational and other sensing instruments with our ROV systems in order to perform a variety of specialized and detailed remote underwater surveys. Our experience includes conducting comprehensive inspections within flooded shafts, on dams, in penstocks and tunnels, pipelines, on dams, in open channels with severe tidal currents under stationary, towed and “live boating” modes.

  • Remote video inspections to 1000′ deep and up to 4000′ of penetration within flooded pipelines, concrete lined & rock tunnels and shafts; slant range positioning.Inspection Services
  • Sonar profiling to monitor and document scour, dredging, sediment accumulation in basins, canals, along levees, beneath piers and bridges; USBL navigation/positioning.
  • Sonar imaging to locate submerged structures for recovery and obstacle avoidance under turbid water conditions; condition surveys of concrete lined and unlined canals, piers and abutments, and across dam faces.
  • Both towed and “live boat” ROV/Sonar profiling for submarine pipeline condition and bedding/armor rock protection surveys on oil and gas pipelines, water transmission & sanitary outfall pipelines, fiber-optic communication & power transmission cables.
  • Marine oceanographic and biological studies for remote deployment and recovery of instruments, marine animal behavior & marine/aquatic seabed plant distribution research.
  • Use of small, portable ROV inspection systems for low cost and easy deployment in tanks, reservoirs and lakes with larger systems powerful enough to work in ocean currents and deeper water inspections specified for complex tasks and larger payloads.
  • Still photograph documentation, laser imaging/sizing and development of specialized tooling for small & limited function manipulators, ultrasonic thickness gauging (UT) and water quality testing & monitoring.