Marine Construction

Marine ConstructionUnderwater Resources senior management and key field personnel combine marine construction and commercial diving experience on deep and shallow water projects. This includes work performed in the Marine Construction offshore oilfield, coastal and inland marine waterways, and at industrial plant facilities for both the private and public sector.

Our field diving and technical personnel have been formally trained and are experienced on some of the largest marine construction projects in the world. Our background in new construction, repair, and rehabilitation projects is beneficial because it brings a high level of safety and innovation to our project team that equates to the delivery of your project sooner and at a lower cost.

The proper selection of equipment, personnel, and methodologies can be tailored for all types of marine construction projects under all types of environments.

URI can undertake both simple and complex projects from dock and pier rehabilitation to internal pipeline repairs, installation and rehabilitation of floating barriers, as well as installation of large diameter HDPE transmission pipelines.