Special Projects

URI enjoys the challenge and rewards of performing under difficult and adverse conditions that are always present in and around the water. Some of our special projects include:

  • HDPE Pipeline Installations – Up to 63” diameter HDPE pipelines for both sanitary outfall and water conveyance systems. Fusion welding 40’ to 50’ pipe sections onshore to make up to an 8000’ continuous length of a pipeline, we can control precision alignments within narrow corridors as in water depths in excess of up to 125’.
  • Diamond Wire Saw Cutting/Demolition – Use of this demolition methodology minimizes debris impact and allows for faster and more economical removal or seismically retrofits of marine structures including raw water intake towers, bridge piers and water impoundment structures using limited and minimal above water spread equipment and support services.
  • Specialty InspectionsUsing remote imaging equipment (ROV, Sonar) to conduct detailed UW investigations of shallow and deep water structures, scour and sediment level surveys conducted within limited access beneath piers and within pipelines/tunnels; Bathymetry, Current Velocity and Sub-bottom Profile surveys; destructive testing conducted with coring to measure compressive strength of concrete and chloride intrusion; Nondestructive Testing (NDT) to measure corrosion and wastage of structural steel and to perform flaw detection using UT/MT equipment and techniques.
  • ProjectsConcrete Restoration/Leak Repair/Substrate Stabilization – Epoxy and urethane injection of cracks and cold joints in concrete structures for rehabilitation and structural repair and to seal water leakage from groundwater intrusion or damaged pipe joints; installation of internal pipeline joint seals up to 144” diameter pipe and culverts; soil stabilization using cement and urethane grouts beneath submerged structures.
  • Corrosion Protection/Seismic Upgrade of Marine Structures – UW encapsulation of steel piling and pipeline structures using corrosion resistant/protection systems and seismic upgrade on concrete structures/caissons using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems. Installation of sacrificial anodes, and impressed current cathodic protection systems.