Offshore & Coastal Construction

offshoreUnderwater Resources’ key employees have a background and extensive experience working in the major offshore oilfields around the world under the most extreme year-round marine conditions performing new construction, inspection, repair, and maintenance. Our ability to plan and execute difficult projects located offshore and on exposed coastlines stems from an in-depth understanding of assessing changing ocean conditions and job site constraints to determine a reasonable and safe work scope.

Our offshore and coastal inspection, consulting and repair projects have been performed along the West Coast of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Marianas Islands in the Pacific Rim, South Korea, and South America The following list includes examples of such work:

  • Deep and shallow water reconnaissance and exploration using ROV systems for video, towed arrays (gradiometer, side-scan, and sub-bottom profiling sonar systems), Multibeam and single-beam mounted and other fixed remote imaging & bathymetry
  • Project Management, consulting and field services to conduct oceanographic studies with design and assessment of currents, tidal flows and to record various water quality data; constructability, means and methods, project safety assessment, schedule and cost estimation
  • Ocean outfalls and fixed coastal structure inspections, rehabilitation, and new construction; substructure repairs and rehabilitation of large piers not accessible from onshore
  • In-water vessel underbody hull, mechanical and structural repairs with UWILD inspections of commercial vessels, emergency damage assessment inspections, removal of fouling from rudders, propellers, and seawater suctions
  • Marine vessel and diving support for power and communication cable installations, fiber-optic cable landings, excavation/dredging with scour protection and repairs
  • Salvage of sunken vessels; recovery of overboard cargo, anchors and other unidentified waste materials and products; marine vessel support for offshore and coastal clean-up operations
  • Intertidal and shoreline erosion mitigation and protection to alter sand accretion and littoral transport adjacent to bridge abutments and offshore pipelines