Diving Services

Performing Underwater Construction Work

Underwater Resources, Inc. can provide you with diving services for inspection, repairs, and construction of various underwater infrastructures. We can work on sanitary ocean outfalls, water transmission, and gas or oil pipelines as well as large diameter tunnels and canals.


What We Do

  • Conduct internal pipeline

    And tunnel diver penetrations above 3000’ to perform structural inspections and repairs.

  • Detailed structural condition surveys

    And repairs of waterfront facilities including wood, steel, and concrete rehabilitation of piling and substructure members; corrosion monitoring and installation of cathodic protection systems; concrete and weld repairs.

  • Dam inspection, repair, and retrofit;

    Demolition and replacement of sluice gate operating systems; leak repair and concrete restoration on dam faces, spillways, and penstocks.

  • ABS-certified “External Specialists”

    To conduct ship surveys including UWILD and NDT inspections (ultrasonic gauging and magnetic particle) and hull repairs.

  • Offshore or Coastal Diving

    For surveys and repairs of ocean outfalls, directional drilling, and fiber optic cable installation support, and salvage and recovery of materials or structures.

  • Oil refinery, sanitary and other process plant facility repairs

    In aeration or bio-reactor ponds, clarifiers and digesters, force mains and traveling intake screens; installation of portable dewatering cofferdam systems (Portadam®).

  • Sediment removal displacement operations

    That are required for salvage, pipeline or cable burial and piling, and pier repair.

  • Utilization of assorted UW hydraulic

    Or pneumatic power tools and various burning, cutting, and welding equipment systems.

  • Performance of projects

    Requiring high-altitude diving as well as deep air and mixed gas diving operations above 250’.

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